“We will not neglect the house of our God.” Nehemiah 10.39 (NIV)

There are a lot of challenges and issues that impact our nation and the world that seem so complex they make people feel hopeless, helpless, or powerless. Yet, even the largest issues can be addressed by many people taking small steps.

Each of us can look at what we can influence, choices or decisions we can make that can make a difference.

As followers of Christ, that begins for us with the church, the local expression of the Body of Christ and what we can do to help the church be as healthy, strong, and impactful as possible on Cape Cod and beyond.

From September 8th through October 20, our worship series will be You Can Make A Difference.

We’re going to look at a variety of ways each of us can contribute, influence, serve, give, share the gospel, and pray in ways that change not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well and in doing so we can improve the quality of life in our communities and advance Christ’s work.

We’ll begin by looking at a passage from Nehemiah 10:32-39 which is an inspiring passage to me because of all that people brought to the house of the Lord. If you read the passage in advance, you’ll notice that the people of the faith community were expected to bring quite a bit.

It makes me reflect on what we bring to the house of our God. Do we bring the first fruits of our lives – the best of our devotion, energy, spiritual gifts, service, and generosity? Or do we look at church, not just worship, from a perspective of “What’s in it for me? What can or is the church doing for me?”

We live in a materialistic, consumer society in which we’re bombarded relentlessly with messages about putting ourselves first, what we “deserve” and accumulating and acquiring more and more for ourselves. The Bible encourages us to have a very different perspective; one in which we think about what we can contribute, give and share with others.

The scriptures challenge people to bring their best in every way to the house of our God, including our treasure, our spiritual gifts, our time, and fruit of the spirit.

After Nehemiah, we’ll spend several weeks on spiritual gifts, which are given to all of us for the common good.

We’ll think about how in the church, just like in our physical body, we need each other to be whole.

Each one of us has a unique and vital role to play.

We all benefit when we share and use our gifts, and we’re all diminished when we don’t. Together, we’re capable of doing amazing things. Remember, there is no church without “u.” You can make a difference.

See you in Worship,

Pastor Doug Scalise

Worship in September

Series: You Can Make A Difference September 8 through October 20

  • 9.8 What Are You Bringing Nehemiah 10.32-39
  • 9.15 For the Common Good 1 Corinthians 12.4-11
  • 9.22 We Need Each Other to Be Whole 1 Corinthians 12.12-26
  • 9.29 David Pranga, preaching