What is God Like?

What is God Like? A worship series about The Attributes of God, based on Psalm 86.

Starting in worship on May 2, and running through the months of May and June, we will be hearing about what God is like based on Psalm 86.

This lovely psalm gives thanks for many of God’s attributes that bless and enrich our lives.

We are living in divisive times, but one thing that unites us is the God we worship who blesses us, and people we disagree with or don’t understand, in so many ways.

Here are themes we’ll be learning about:

  • 5.2 – God Listens and Answers When We Call Psalm 86:1-3, 6-7.
  • 5.9 – God Gladdens Our Soul Psalm 86:4.
  • 5.16 – God is Good and Forgiving – Psalm 86:5.
  • 5.23 – Greg Scalise, preaching God is Powerful – Psalm 86:8-10, Pentecost Sunday
  • 5.30 – God Teaches us Truth Psalm 86:11
  • 6.6 – Joe Greemore preaching, God Delivers Us from Trouble Psalm 86:12-14
  • 6.13 – God is Merciful and Gracious Psalm 86:15.
  • 6.20 – God is Abounding in Steadfast Love and Faithfulness Psalm 86:15
  • 6.27 – God Helps and Comforts Us Psalm 86:16-17

Our hope in focusing on some of God’s attributes for two months is that it helps to draw us closer to the Lord and to one another.

Psalm 86:11 prays, “Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart to revere your name.”

That is our prayer for us all.

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