The Rest of the Story

This week in worship, Pastor Doug’s father, Rev. Vic Scalise will be sharing a message from the Gospel of Luke.

In Luke, Jesus encounters four unnamed but familiar individuals. The Biblical narrative ends with the encounter. We do not know what happened to them. What is “The Rest of the Story?”

Vic has served over 50 years as a Christian Minister, seventeen in Brookline, MA. He is the second in a line of four generations in the ministry.

Thank you for worshiping with us.

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The first video below is JUST THE SERMON.
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Questions for Discussion or Reflection

  1. Jesus encountered each of these four unnamed but familiar individuals.  The Biblical narrative ends with the encounter.  We do not know what happened to them.  What is The Rest of the Story?
    Using all the tools at your disposal examine the four stories from The Gospel of Luke. 
    Those tools include but are not limited to an examination of the Scriptures and unnamed individuals. In addition, utilize your moral imagination and draw on the lives and literature from contemporary culture, as well as employing your intellectual humility.
    What do you feel is one possible outcome? How would you write the ending to each story? Why?
    • “His brother” – Luke 15:11-22
    • The man of mystery – Luke 5:17-26
    • The fallen and failed woman – Luke 7:36-50
    • The man found by the side of the Jericho Road – Luke 10:25-37
  2. Where do you agree or disagree with Pastor Vic’s possible outcomes?  Why?
  3. If you have time in the group or at home, discuss some of the many other intriguing Gospel stories where you have wondered, What is the Rest of the Story?
  4. Have fun!  Enjoy these wonderful Gospel stories in what I hope is a new way.
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