Beginning the week of Sunday, September 23 and running through the last week of November we’re going to be engaged in a church wide spiritual growth campaign based on the book Becoming a Healthy Disciple – 10 Traits of a Vital Christian by Steve Macchia.

Each Sunday in worship we will address one of the 10 Traits and during the week we’re encouraging all our small groups to discuss questions around the weekly theme.

We will have copies of the book available for purchase at the church to encourage people who want to read it and engage more deeply in the theme. We encourage you to do so. There are questions at the end of each chapter.

Our small group leaders will receive a copy of a study guide to help them facilitate their small group.

Those who choose not to read the book will be able to follow along by listening to the sermon each week and using the questions that will be printed in the weekly worship bulletin.

We know that some small groups meet once or twice a month, but we’re encouraging all our groups to consider meeting weekly while we do this all church series.

Steve Macchia will be coming to BBC on Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 pm to lead a training session on the material for all our small group leaders. He will also preach once during the series on November 4.

We pray God revitalize our faith personally and as a congregation as we engage in this series.