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Congregational Prayer 7/27

Holy and Gracious God we could spend hours in prayer today and it would not be enough to confess our sins, voice our concerns and needs and to express our gratitude and thankfulness. It is hard to know where to begin to pray with all that is going on in the world.

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Congregational Prayer 12-16

Dear saving God, what a privilege to come to the well of hope and salvation in prayer. We come with confidence because we have heard of your power, we have read your stories of rescue and deliverance, stories of your grace and love. Oh Lord our strength and might, we call on your name and…

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Congregational Prayer 12-4

Dear Lord Jesus, As we come to worship you this morning, we have thoughts of waiting for advent in our hearts. The Israelites waited so long for their Messiah to come– and then you came. We have waited so long for you to come again, and still we wait. So much of our lives are…

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Congregational Prayer 11-27

Oh Lord of hosts, who hears our prayers, restore us according to your glory. As we begin the journey of Advent, help us to grow in our faith. We pray for people everywhere that you will help those who believe to believe even more, that you will help those who do not believe to consider…

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Congregational Prayer 11-6

Lord Jesus, We come before you with thankful hearts because we have the confidence in knowing that when we call on You, You listen. You hear the cries of your children and care about our hurts, desires, and dreams. For some of us we may be seeking clarity, guidance, and direction and we pray for…

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