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Congregational Prayer 7/10 A Lament

This is a time to mourn. The tragic loss of five lives in Dallas Thursday night weighs heavy on our hearts. We lament that a peaceful gathering in Dallas at which protestors and police officers were posing together for photographs was shattered by deadly violence. No amount of fear, hurt or anger can ever justify…

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A Prayer for Healing

Creator God you are the giver of life and you know me better than I know myself. You know where I am hurting or broken physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Pour your power out in me and through me that I may be healed, renewed, and strengthened. Grant me grace to accept the changes that come to all people as we move…

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Congregational Prayer 8/24

Holy God as we come before you in prayer once again we come with hearts that our heavy because it seems one thing that hasn’t changed about human existence for thousands of years is the presence of evil, violence, depravity, and wickedness that cause us to lament and mourn and weep. There is so much…

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Congregational Prayer 8/10

Almighty God, you have promised that you will hear us when we ask in faith: Thank you for adapting us into your family, and for calling us into your church. We pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in other countries, especially where there is suffering, danger and persecution. Strengthen your people for their witness…

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Congregational Prayer 8/3

Holy God we hear these ancient words from Nehemiah that describe a time of war, deprivation, struggle, and challenge in Jerusalem and the surrounding area and we think how little has changed in all these years. Like Nehemiah we hear the news of the dead and the wounded and the homes and infrastructure being destroyed…

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