Thursday, January 14, 2021

Please join us if you can on this national Day of Prayer and Fasting for Our Nation.

You can participate in different ways:

A note from Vision New England

This Thursday, January 14, you can join with thousands of believers around New England who are praying and fasting for our nation. We know that when the people of God are contrite and seek our Lord, He answers. We’ll be asking God to heal our nation, reverse the toxicity that’s been growing for years, show us where we may need to repent if we’ve contributed to it, and tell us what His Church, churches, and individual believers can do to reduce the toxicity, be beacons of light, hope and love, and bring reconciliation in His Church and in our country.

A word about Fasting from Pastor Doug

There are many times in the Bible when God’s people fast and pray at a time of national crisis. Most of us are more familiar with prayer than we are with fasting. Fasting is a spiritual discipline we read about in the Bible that is practiced by many people.

Practically speaking, what should you do if you wish to try fasting?

First there are some people like women who are pregnant or nursing, those with serious illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease or other physical conditions who should not fast from food.

If you have any questions about whether you may fast, check with your doctor.

However, if we cannot fast from food, that doesn’t mean we can’t fast from other things.

Remember what Paul said about not being enslaved by anything. Some of us may need to fast from technology, our phone, television, the Internet, social media, or email even more than we need to fast from food.

When you fast drink plenty of water; most people don’t drink enough any way and often mistake our body’s need for water for hunger pangs. When you feel hungry one of the best things you can do is drink a glass of water first.

If this is the first time you’re fasting, I suggest skipping lunch or breakfast and spend the time you would have spent preparing and eating your meal by reading the Bible and praying and perhaps journaling to record anything that comes to you or that you want to remember. I think you will find this a rewarding experience.

If fasting is already a part of your regular experience, you may want to skip breakfast and lunch which will be about a 24 hour fast from dinner the previous night to dinner on the 14th.

There are many ways to fill your time of prayer including praying for: our nation, our leaders, and ourselves, that we might repent of our failure to live out the teachings of Christ.

We can pray against all forms of idolatry, lies, falsehood, injustice, violence and oppression and all forms of sin that grieve the heart of God and are devastating lives.

We will pray about our own need to take the teachings of Christ more seriously and to seek to live them out.

We will also pray for needs associated with the pandemic.

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