Prayer of the Day

Pastor Doug writes,

"A spiritual habit or discipline we want to grow in is prayer. So in October, instead of having a daily Bible reading and verse of the day, I will be sharing a Prayer of the Day."

Hands clasped in prayer

"My intention is to use prayers from the Bible as well as prayers from throughout Christian history from a range of people. Some of the prayers will be brief, others will be longer. Some of the language will reflect a different time or culture. I’m
going to share many different types of prayers to hopefully enlarge your understanding of the many ways we can pray to and with God.

I know many people feel like beginners when it comes to prayer and wouldn’t be comfortable if asked to pray in front of a small group or for the whole congregation. If that describes you, I invite you to join me in growing in your knowledge and comfort with prayer by praying daily with me in the month of October."