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Glittering Vices: The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies

We have a new series I’m excited about called Glittering Vices: The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies.

I’ve taken that title from the book Glittering Vices – a New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies by Rebecca Kondyndyk DeYoung. This is a very interesting book that looks at Virtues and Vices in the Christian life.

Church Events Cancelled for Today

Jan 23, 2019

Unfortunately, we had a sprinkler head burst over Community Hall and the Lounge last night. We are in the process of getting things cleaning up, but we are unable to have any church events until the sprinkler system and fire alarm system are running again. We will be cancelling all events for today and Thursday morning.  …

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Message Preview: When You’ve Been Mistreated

Jan 16, 2019

Do you remember Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors? Joseph was mistreated by many people, his family included, and this week we’ll look at how he responded. “But Joseph said to them, “Do not be afraid! Am I in the place of God? Even though you intended to do harm to me, God intended…

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Message Preview: When You’ve Failed to Be Your Brother or Sister’s Keeper

Jan 8, 2019

In our second week in the Beginning Again series, we visit the story of the brothers, Cain and Able, and learn about sin driving a wedge between us, and our brothers and sisters. Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?”…

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Message Preview: When You’ve Violated Trust

Jan 2, 2019

There are lots of stories in the Bible about people who have to go through all kinds of troubles and pain. What can we learn from those stories? They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze, and the man and his wife hid themselves…

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New Message Series: Stories of Beginning Again

Dec 26, 2018

As we begin a new year we’re also starting a new series in worship: “Stories of Beginning Again.” The Bible is filled with stories of people beginning again after making a mistake, doing something terribly wrong, facing a significant life challenge, hardship, or setback through no fault of their own, or even in the course…

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Message Preview: Celebrating Another Year with God

Dec 26, 2018

This Sunday marks the start of our winter schedule: a contemporary service at 8:30, and a blended service at 10:00. This week some folks from our congregation will share about how God has touched them. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give…

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