Worship Service at 9:30, Fellowship at 10:30

All on Zoom! (If you haven't used Zoom yet, scroll down for some notes.)

Lots of you would like to share in worship and fellowship, but would rather do that at home, so the Connecting Team is "hosting" a Sunday morning online time for worship and fellowship.

At 9:30 am we will be sharing the prerecorded (just for us at home!) full Sunday worship service. All participants will be muted for the duration of the service. You can use the chat feature in Zoom to to say hi to everyone (except during the sermon). Clothing is required, the choice is yours.

Right after that at 10:30 the Connecting Team will host a time of fellowship just as if we were in the lobby and Fellowship Hall. We will greet each other, and check in to see how things are going. This is also a great way to meet new people in the BBC Community.

Everyone is invited to our Virtual Fellowship Hour!

If you don't join us during the 9:30 worship service, you can still join us for fellowship time!

Introduce yourself and say hello to everyone.

We will socialize and share news about our lives, just as if we were visiting over coffee in the lobby.

We can't wait to "see" you!!

And God bless you all!!

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  • Sunday Worship

  • Sunday Virtual Fellowship

    Sundays at 10:30

New to Zoom?

If you have not used Zoom before now, it is very easy to load and use. After you register for worship and/or fellowship, you'll get a confirmation email. In that email there's an activation link for Zoom, and they will walk you through set up.

Zoom is easy to use once it is set up on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Desktop computer or laptop with a camera and microphone work best, but even if you just call in and listen along on your smartphone, that is fine too. The more the merrier!

If you need assistance setting up Zoom for the first time, before Sunday morning contact Doreen Mayer 508 237-6998

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