Rejoicing in Our Present: The Meditation Garden

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The Meditation Garden is a peaceful oasis, a welcoming environment, located across the parking lot from the library entrance at Brewster Baptist Church.

The history of BBC’s Meditation Garden dates back to thinking and planning that began in 2007 and 2008 by the Landscaping Team at the time, including Emilie Barrett and Janet Bantly, to make something nice of unused space.

Actual construction began in 2009, with the cleaning of brush and debris to make a trail through the garden and nice areas to sit and meditate.

In April of 2010, under the direction of Dale Tripp, the Meditation Garden Team used Ecclesiastes 3:5 as the start of their plan – “A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them.”

They began scattering stones, peat moss, good soil, and other amendments to prepare the planting beds for ground cover plants. The ground covers would take two to three years to conceal the bare soil, so they began to get them established. At the end of the season, they shared this update:

“Meditation Garden Update: Our hearts are thankful to God and to everyone who has helped us this first season to build the Meditation Garden. Thank you for the time, energy, expertise, ideas, equipment, tools, plants, your contributions through the church, benches, a fountain, rock work, ornaments, and so much more! (Many of the offers and ideas have not yet been used.) A garden is never complete. We see this as a five-year project and will be asking for help again in the spring. There are now the traces of our plans — more than we imagined we could work on during the first year. When you visit, please note that the paths still have a few stumbling stones; watch your step. We are continuing to make the ways straight, keep the garden well-watered, level the paths, add His beautiful plants and weed out what we don’t want. Psalm 100:4, ‘Enter His gates with thanksgiving…’ Please remember Him in the garden as you visit”

The Beacon, Sept. 2010

During 2010, the Tripps moved to Colorado, and the Buildings and Grounds Team welcomed Eileen Johnston and her leadership to the Meditation Garden. The Meditation Garden grew and matured over the next nine years, through the work overseen by Eileen Johnston. She had many volunteers helping with the planting and weeding and adding new elements each year – including an ancient fishing boat based on the shape of a large rock in the garden, signs with scripture verses, and a cross built by Dave Hill.

In 2018, Dr. Joyce Young, N.D. (M.S. Botany) began helping in the garden, clearing the area further back and planting more daffodils and sunflowers. She cared for the Meditation Garden through COVID shutdowns until she moved.


During 2020 and 2021, we were blessed to be able to use this space for Summer Vespers, a time for people to connect and worship together – and for some, their first experience returning to in-person gathering and worship.

In 2022, Sarah Kemp, who was already maintaining the large planters around the church building and by the church sign, stepped up to lead the Meditation Garden Team, coordinating volunteers to do a thorough clean-up and mulching of the garden, and adding a large meeting table. That team continues to work together weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, from May to October.

The Meditation Garden is open to the public and can be used as a location for a picnic, to take a break in your day, meet with your small group, or to spend time alone with God.

We always need more volunteers to help with Meditation Garden upkeep. If you would like to join us, please call the church office, 508-896-3381.

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