Rejoicing in Our Present: Mom2Mom

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The Mom to Mom Ministry at BBC was started approximately 20 years ago. It was mirrored after the national program Mom to Mom Ministries. It is a Biblically based parenting program and support group for mothers, based on the scripture Titus 2:3-4, in which older women are to mentor younger women. It emphasizes characteristics of self-control, faithfulness, dignity, respect, godliness, and love. 

Donna Potter had attended this group at a former church off-Cape and found it very helpful in both her parenting and Christian walk. When she moved to the Cape full-time, she missed attending a group such as this, so she recruited Karen Johanson, Linda Turner, and Carol Wister to start a Mom to Mom group with her at BBC. Karen, Linda, and Carol were mature Christians and experienced moms. They led the group, and Donna coordinated the program.

Once a week, women would gather at BBC with their children for a 2-hour program. The moms took turns bringing treats to snack on during the program, while the children would play in the nursery with our special caretakers, Betty Barlow and Linda Murdock.

The program usually consisted of a video message, workbook, instruction, discussion, and support. Women were at different places in their faith journeys. Seeds were planted for those women who were seeking, and women who were already Christians grew in their walk with Christ. It was an intimate and confidential group, with intense emotions ranging from laughter to tears.

Donna Potter shared,

“When one of the child caretakers would quietly come into the room, we all would look down and hope our name wasn’t going to be called. There would be silence as we waited with hope that we were not being sought out, as it was usually for someone to do a diaper change! No one wanted to miss anything while running out for a short time and always prayed their child could keep a diaper clean for two hours! But it was a crap shoot (no pun intended!). At least once a week someone would get called and it became a guessing game.”

The mom’s group was a special place where less-experienced moms felt comfortable asking parenting and relationship advice in a safe and confidential place. Once the group strayed away from the national curriculum and did some other studies that interested the group that were different than what the national group was doing, they had to change the group’s name – it is now called the Mom2Mom Group. 

Former BBC member and Parent Core Ministry Leader, Ingrid Condon, shared,

“Mom2Mom was more than just a church group. It was a place where moms could find support, understanding and a sense of belonging among other moms. As the Core Ministry Leader for several years, I witnessed firsthand the profound impact it had on the lives of the moms in our group, myself included. Through M2M, we were able to share our joys, struggles and triumphs of motherhood that only moms could understand. We helped each other navigate the complexities of parenting while strengthening our faith. When my husband and I started our foster care journey, the first people I shared our news with was my M2M group. After raising six kids and being on the verge of being empty nesters, traveling into the unknown was scary. I still cherish the memories of the moms that rallied around me, encouraged me, prayed for me, and gave me the strength to take on the new unknown journey. For that I am forever thankful. M2M was also the foundation for lifelong friendships. Here I am, a decade later, moved to another state, but continue friendships with several M2M friends that I am blessed to know and consider them family. Thank you, BBC, for the support that you give the M2M ministry. It’s a beautiful memory that I look back on with much love.”

Currently, Mom2Mom is led by our Family Ministry Coordinator, Gwyneth Preu, who has been leading the group since 2019. Recent group studies have included videos and books by Sally Clarkson, Ruth Chou Simons and our most recent was “Mom Set Free” by Jeannie Cunnion.

This past year, the group has invited experienced mothers to share their parenting and faith journeys during several Mom2Mom meetings. The time with wise mothers has been such a blessing and learning experience for the group!

Thank you to Donna Potter for taking the time to share about the start-up of Mom2Mom, and to all the great moms who have helped shape this group over the years and mentor each other in the journey of faith and parenting.

Mom2Mom typically runs from September to May, with playground meet-ups and events in the summer. All moms are always welcome to join whenever they can, even if it’s only once in a while. It is a great opportunity to connect with others!

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