Our 200th Anniversary!

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Brewster Baptist Church was founded on December 23, 1824, and throughout 2024 we will be having special events, programs, and guests as we commemorate and celebrate 200 years of Christian life and witness on Cape Cod.

At 200 years old, I believe BBC is the second oldest institution in town behind only First Parish.

It’s quite an achievement for a church or any organization to survive and thrive for 200 years. This is an event worth celebrating!

BBC has been around for roughly 10% of the history of the Christian movement that began almost 2,000 years ago in the middle east.

What do you think the founders of BBC would say if they could see the size, scope, and impact that the little church they planted in a small town on the Cape is having today?

Truly, I think they’d be amazed to see what God has done and how God has blessed the faithful, loving, generous service of the many generations that compose BBC’s history.

Perhaps the founders would also be happy to know there are still people at BBC today who are descended from or related to them!

In the beginning of 2 Peter 1:3-13, writing about God’s many blessings, the author tells the recipients,

“You know these things, and you are very strong in the truth, but I will always help you remember them. I think it is right for me to help you remember as long as I am in this body.” 2 Peter 1:12-13 (New Century Version)

I feel it’s also my task to help us remember both God’s blessings and promises as well as BBC’s history and story of faith. Throughout 2024 we’ll be doing three things as a church:

  1. Remembering Our Past
  2. Rejoicing in Our Present
  3. Reimagining Our Future

It’s important to remember and to tell the story of how God has blessed and worked through the people of BBC through many generations. We wouldn’t be the church we are today without the faith and service of those who preceded us.

We also have much to rejoice about in our present as we are blessed to be part of one of the healthiest and strongest churches not only in TABCOM, but in New England.

Thirdly, remaining a vital congregation as we begin a new century requires reimagining our future.

We have sought for many years to be a “both/and” church, one that reaches people of all generations, that offers traditional and contemporary worship, and we’re at a third turning point in being both in person and having a significant digital presence—being a hybrid church and seeking to connect with, disciple, and serve the several hundred people who now watch our worship services or the sermon online every week.

Throughout this Beacon you’ll read more about our Bicentennial plans. We hope you’ll put some of the dates on your calendars now so you can be part of the fun.

May God continue to bless our church and each of us as we celebrate 200 years as a local church and start building the foundation of the next century of service for those who follow us.

Grateful to be serving with you,

Pastor Doug Scalise

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