Online Giving at Brewster Baptist

Note: If you are an existing user of the BBC online giving, we have made a change, to a new and better system. The old method is being completely discontinued, December 2015, and would you please sign up now for the new way? Just click here to follow the easy setup instructions.

Fewer and fewer people are carrying checkbooks, or much cash. Technology can help: you can automate your giving with just a few clicks.

Online Giving offers you the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions from your bank, or credit/debit card, account to BBC.

Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and the church.

Benefits for the Church

  • Reduces check processing fees
  • Allows staff more time to focus on ministries
  • Creates peace in knowing your data and auto-deposited gifts are secure
  • Accommodates special funds and tuition
  • Provides giving history for tax statements
  • Reaches a wider demographic of givers

Benefits for You

  • No check writing or ATM stops before church
  • Safe, secure, and confidential transactions
  • Use your checking/savings account or credit/debit card
  • Schedule repeating donations
  • Change a gift or account anytime you like
  • View your giving history anytime