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New Message Series: Stories of Beginning Again

As we begin a new year we’re also starting a new series in worship: “Stories of Beginning Again.”

The Bible is filled with stories of people beginning again after making a mistake, doing something terribly wrong, facing a significant life challenge, hardship, or setback through no fault of their own, or even in the course of seeking to be faithful to God.

Listen to this one minute clip from Pastor Doug, “Beginning Again.”


Each story offers a different perspective on how we can take a fresh look at our lives and begin again when we face a difficult challenge, issue or adjustment. Each week, we’ll look at one of these stories and the lessons we can learn from them. It’s often easier to learn from the experiences of others rather than having to learn everything by going through it ourselves.

In January most of the stories we’ll consider are from the Book of Genesis, including Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Joseph.

Listen to this one minute clip from Pastor Doug, “Cain and Able.”


On January 6, we’ll look at Adam and Eve, who serve as a case study in what happens when trust is violated. God gave them life and each other and placed them in a wonderful environment in which to live with everything they needed.

Unfortunately, Adam and Eve violated the trust God placed in them, disrespected the boundaries that God gave them, and as a result suffered painful consequences.

Trust is built over time, but it can be destroyed in a moment.

Listen to this one minute clip from Pastor Doug, “Honk if you love Jesus.”


When we’ve violated the trust of someone we care about, how do we go about repairing the damage and rebuilding the relationship?