Lighting it Up at BBC

Genesis 1:3 declares, “Let there be light!” At Brewster Baptist Church we take the divine proclamation seriously.

Have you noticed anything different at worship services recently? Since the beginning of May, our new lighting system has been in use. It’s not meant to be a “wow” change but one that is subtle, yet pleasing to the senses. You may have felt, without fully realizing it, that lighting of the speaker is easier on the eyes or that the Praise Team and Choir are brought out of the shadows and are easier to see. You may have been surprised at the brightness of the last baptism. The beautiful wooden grills covering the organ speakers are now graced by a soft, flushed light. Even the fluorescent lights around the perimeter of the sanctuary are all the same color.

lightsLook closer, and you will see that the lighting changes several times throughout the service. This is done from the sound booth and occurs by a three-second fade from one “scene” to another, thanks to a state of the art digital control system. That system automatically selects the lamps that are to be used and the level of dimming in order to create the desired effect simply by touching the appropriate switch.

If you haven’t noticed these enhancements to our lighting system yet, you have something to look forward to the next time you attend a service. It is all the result of a major effort that began several months ago to design and execute a comprehensive upgrade to the lighting in the sanctuary. When the sanctuary was built twelve years ago, budgetary constraints prevented a more elegant lighting system. However, with the help of the Eddy Foundation that has contributed significantly to several capital projects at the church, the Advisory Council made the decision to proceed with the project. We are confident that you will find the result enhances your worship experience.

Now, let there be light…

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