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Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas takes time and it looks different for everyone.

Getting ready for Christmas often involves traditions around things like getting a Christmas Tree, decorating one’s home, listening to our favorite Christmas music or watching certain wonderful movies, singing carols, cooking or baking particular dishes that may reflect our family’s background, or recipes that have been passed down from grandparents or parents; getting together with friends or family near or far; preparing our home for guests or preparing ourselves to be guests! For a young child, getting ready for Christmas may include hoping for presents.

Little people figures standing around Baby Jesus

What does getting ready for Christmas mean to you?

What does it cause you to think about?

I hope that gathering to worship with God’s people is one of the traditions you look forward to in this season of the year.

See our full Advent Season schedule here.

This December in worship, our theme is “Getting Ready for Christmas.” Our friend Steve Macchia writes,

“In many Christian households, the focus of attention during Advent and Christmas is on well-meaning gift-buying, tree-decorating, cookie-baking, card-writing, and the myriad holiday activities of the season. For most of us, the pace doesn’t slow down until the New Year, much to the neglect of the soul.”

My hope for our worship series is that we can hear from Luke’s Gospel how we can get ready for a Christmas in which every one of our hearts makes room for Christ; that we can capture the wonder, mystery, and anticipation of the long-awaited arrival of Christ, the light and hope of the world.”  ~ Steve Macchia

As Steve notes, “The advent of the baby Jesus wasn’t a last minute idea.

The prophets spoke of his coming, and the promises God declared to his people for generations were consistent.

Even the details were spelled out with wonderful intricacy, and all of them were fulfilled in Jesus.

Our prayer is that your soul will be refreshed this Advent and Christmas, and that we’ll all be reminded once again of the joy brought into the world in the manger.

Wait, watch and wonder once more… it’s really good for your soul.

Let every heart prepare Him room,

Pastor Doug Scalise

Image by Gareth Harper